About Us


To be a center
of quality education set within
the context
of a


To holistically equip students with employable careers and prepare them for devoted service and leadership, lifelong learning and responsible citizenship through a curricula of educational excellence and integrated character development

Core Values

  • Living a life for God’s purpose.
  • Being of service to the community through devoted leadership, persistence, industry, and sacrifice.
  • Committing oneself to scholarship and lifelong learning.

Lucc College Hymn

Cradled on these verdant hillsides,

 Beneath the blue celestial skies,

 Stands a school with ramparts high,

 Whose solid name in goodness shines.

Sages say it’s best to learn than grieve.

Hence, we must in ourselves believe.

There‘s so much of the world to know.

Then wisdom in our lives shall grow.

Think not of the tempests of life,

Bring in the love of truth and smile.

Recast our ways and be unexcelled,

Gladly we shall harvest the yield.

La Union Christian Comprehensive,

Alma Mater dear we strive indeed

True to the name, to being upright,

Today unfolds a future so bright.

Deo Optimo Maximo,

We are beholden to thee God.

With solemn praise, we feel so blessed.

Onwards we are all on the crest! (2X)

Music by: Thomas D. Dailay

Lyrics by: Micheline B. Rabara